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I aim to provide working software for the methods I develop, and more recently to provide replication material for publications. This is a list of what's available so far. Except for the SUMMER package, I have led the teams creating this software, but in many cases, other individuals are primarily responsible for writing and maintaining it.

Verbal Autopsy

Software has been developed to implement InSilicoVA including R packages and universal executables delivered in a Docker container. This is openVA and has been developed by a team including Richard Li, Jason Thomas, Peter Choi, Tyler McCormick, and myself, with increasing help from Yue Chu.

For more information or help using the openVA tools, contact us using these email addresses:


To make the VA cause-coding algorithms fast and easily available using a familiar interface, we have created pyOpenVA. This is standard (i.e. non-research) software that installs using a traditional installer, does not require supporting software (e.g. R, Java, etc.) to be installed on your computer, and operates through a graphical user interface. pyOpenVA is written in Python and C++ so it is fast.

Key VA Software

Supporting VA Software

Replication Material for SVD-Comp Mortality Model

Replication Material for COVID-19 Prevalence Method

Small-area Estimates from Complex Survey Data

This project started off with me and has since become one of Jon Wakefield's main activities, and he has led work on the SUMMER package. Richard Li is primarily responsible for the code.


Structured Population Event History Register (SPEHR)